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The Stepfather by SexyLexiCullen

THE STEPFATHER by SexyLexiCullen

Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight...
Don't ask. I have no idea where this came from and I bet it sucks. Review it you want (shrugs) Not Beta'd. I wrote this out within an hour and said "Screw it, let's see what people think."
The Stepfather a one shot by SexyLexiCullen
Rolling over to my side, I gave my step brother Edward a swift kick in the ass. He needed to leave my bedroom before anyone noticed he was in here. Or not, I truly didn't give a shit.
"This was so messed up." Edward muttered, leaning over to place his boxers back on. "What are we going to do?"
I shrugged, hopping out of bed to grab a smoke, and smoke it out of my window. If he thinks what we just did was messed up...well...I guess I shouldn't tell him that just last week, I fucked his father.
Our parents were married over the summer. I guess you can say it's more of a marriage out of convenience—I have no idea. Carlisle married my mother. So within a few short months, I gained a gorgeous stepfather, and his son, who is equally fuck-hot. Only Edward is young—a year younger than me, and it was so easy to lure baby-boy Cullen into my bed.
"What does this mean?" He whispered, putting what he calls his jammie pants back on.
I blew the smoke out my window, trying not to laugh at him. "Nothing."
His face fell. "What do you mean nothing? We should tell our we can be together. We're not related. I like you, and I know you like me too."
I snorted and nearly choked on my smoke. "You're serious?"
He frowned, looking down. "I—I thought you really liked me."
I nodded, flicking the ashes into a candle I have on my desk. I did know how Edward felt about me. As a senior at Forks high, I have the luxury of most losers lusting after me. Not to mention that I'm probably the prettiest chick in that school. I'm not conceited, just stating facts here.
And poor Edward...
Before our parents got together, he used to follow me around. He's a geek—whatever the fuck. But most of all, he doesn't see himself as I do. He doesn't see himself as the hot babe he truly is. He has so much potential. Such a tragedy.
Then something dawned on me. "Was that your first time?" I whispered.
He nodded, grabbing for his T-shirt.
"Really?" Now I was taken back. Sweet, naïve Edward, really got it in there, was a great kisser, and he kissed the cootch very well too. Overall, he was a passionate little fucker.
Although, the actual intercourse only lasted two minutes at best.
"Huh?" I mused when he didn't answer me. Then I felt his eyes on my back, making me turn to him. "What's up little bro?" I winked at him.
"I'm not your brother." He plopped back down onto the bed.
He looked upset, and for some odd reason I felt a pang of remorse. I really like Edward, besides his creepy tendencies of always being in the hallway, every time I emerge from the shower in a towel, and that one time he was actually perched on the tree outside my window—watching me undress, he is a good guy.
I sat next to him on the bed, ghosting my hand along his thigh again. "What is it you want?"
He began to pant and lay back, taking me with him. "I want you—um to be my girlfriend. I think I love you."
That made me laugh, and I sat up quickly to stare down at him quizzically.
"What?" He laughed and sat up to kiss my cheek. "I know you like me too."
I nodded, standing from the bed to put out my neglected cigarette. "I do." I said, turning back around to face him.
He smiled widely. "I should really talk to my dad about this."
I snorted. "You do that—tell him everything." I walked closer to him. "I know how close you and Carlisle are—and he is a pretty good guy. He'll understand. Tell him everything we did. I bet there won't be any problems with us being together." I lied. "Tell him everything." I poked his chest.
Edward chuckled, his cheeks turning a rosy red. "I wouldn't tell him everything."
I kneeled on the bed, straddling his lap again, and pushing him back. Our bodies became aligned again, when I felt Edward's erection poking into my stomach. "Tell him," I whispered, sticking my tongue out to lick his lips. "Everything."
"Okay." Edward gulped, nodding dumbly. "Can I hold you?"
I sucked my teeth. "Go to bed." I said, getting off of him.
"Why do you have to be like—this?"
I smiled at him again—at his bravado. "Edward, I'm going to let you in on a little secret," I frowned, for dramatic effect. "I have a fear of getting close to people. You know, my dad left my mom..." I looked down.
"I'd never leave you..." He looked me in the eyes. "Bella, I love you."
I fought my grin. "Yeah, you would leave me, and you only think you love me." I pushed against his chest. "You're just like the rest of them." I turned, snickering.
Edward wrapped his arms around me. "Don't cry—wow, I uh—didn't even know you could cry." He whispered.
I took a deep breath through my nose and turned to face him. "This was a mistake—but you tell your father what we did." I said again. "Maybe he can help you...or whatever. And maybe we can be closer—friends who fuck?"
He smiled. "Okay, um—can I tell Jasper?"
I rolled my eyes. Jasper is Edward's best friend. He's now dating my friend Alice, but she doesn't know—well, damn I don't even want to think about what I did. Fucking your best friend's man, is almost as bad as fucking your mother's. I shivered at the thought—the thought of fucking Carlisle.
"Sure." I shrugged, after all it's no secret that Bella Swan is also the resident tramp at Forks high. "Screw it." I said, turning to him. "You have any cash?"
He nodded. "Yeah, why?"
"I need some weed—"
"Bella," he scolded, letting out a chuckle. "Why? Since when do you smoke weed?"
I shrugged. "Just give me a twenty."
"No." He protested, shaking his head.
I nodded, pursing my lips. "Give me a twenty and I'll suck your dick after school tomorrow."
I fought the urge to laugh again as young naïve Edward thought about it for a minute. "No." He finally said. "But um...can we make love again?"
"Edward," I scolded through a whisper. "We fucked—get it straight. If I knew you were going to get all clingy—wait, I was your first." I said to myself. "Make it fifty and I'll let you hit it again."
"Okay," he relented, just like I knew he would. He's just as fucked up as me, hides behind his X-box 360, and books, while I just really like having sex. So I hide my poor, tortured teenage soul behind that. It's comical really.
And I really liked fucking Carlisle.
And I knew that once Carlisle found out I had sex with his son, he was going to go ballistic.
He thinks I'm his, has watched every move I've made since he moved in, and actually said he'd divorce my mother so that we can be together—willing to risk everything.
Fuck that. I was having too much fun sneaking around. Meanwhile, I knew my mother was secretly still seeing my actual father. He lives across town, is the chief of police, and has been in love with my mother probably since before I was born. I knew he'd eventually forgive her. It was only a matter of time. Of course, Carlisle has no idea.
A year ago, my parents separated. It was after she had an affair with Dr. Cullen, and she had become pregnant. They didn't go to Maury, but Carlisle refused to take responsibility unless he knew the kid was his. They had a test as soon as Carlisle Jr. was born, three months ago, to confirm it. My mother always knew it was his.
Carlisle doesn't love my mother, but after her divorce was final from my father, he quickly married her. My mother threatened Carlisle. If he didn't marry her, she was going to take him to court, and since he is paying up the ass already in alimony, lost most of what he had from his first marriage to Edward's mother, he didn't want to go through that again.
Yet, he's willing to risk it all to be with me.
Anyway, I lured Carlisle into my bedroom, needing to show him something months ago. Little did he know it was my naked form. He stammered and stuttered a response, yet watched me as I pleasured myself.
After that our little games had begun. He'd give longer goodbye kisses to my mother, making sure I saw, and I'd cling to Edward. We were playing the most delicious game of cat and mouse ever, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Last week, he had enough—snuck into my bedroom, and fucked the ever loving shit out of me. He spanked me for being such a bad girl, pulled my hair, and gave me three orgasms that shook me to my core—literally.
Now, he watches—waits for everyone to go to bed. Hell, I bet once Edward leaves Carlisle decides to come for a visit. In fact, I couldn't wait. He bought my mother a new diamond necklace, possibly feeling guilty, and that shit pissed me off.
He knew so too, and said we'd talk about it later—meaning tonight.
"Hey," Edward broke me from my reverie.
I turned to him. "What are you still doing here?"
He shrugged. "Mike Newton is having a party this weekend, mind if I tag along?"
I rolled my eyes. "It's not your scene." I said, and very highly doubted that the elite group of Forks high teens that had a little money, snorted coke, and partied every weekend were people Edward should associate with. He's too good for them, and yet really wants to be involved. Then I thought. "It might be good for you though—break out of that shell." I did the sisterly thing and punched his bicep.
"Will you be my date?"
I huffed out a breath. "Goodnight Edward."
He slumped his shoulders and walked to my door. "I...I think you're so much better than this." He whispered, which actually made me frown. "You're smart, beautiful—why do you have to be so cynical/evil? What happened to the old Bella Swan?"
My frown turned into a smirk. "Thinking about becoming a therapist?" I mused.
He shook his head and silently left my bedroom. Once he was gone, I smoothed my sheets back down, changed my panties. I put on a matching bra and thong set—and I waited.
Luckily for me, I didn't have to wait long. I received a text about twenty minutes after Edward had left. It was from Carlisle, asking if I was still awake. I quickly typed him back, saying yes, I was, and to get his ass in here. I had barely hit send before he quietly entered my bedroom.
"What was Edward doing in here?" Was the first thing out of his mouth.
I shrugged. "I want a new laptop."
He nodded. "Sure," he tore off his shirt, revealing his sculpted, hairless chest. The sight alone made me pant a little. Never in my short life had I ever seen a creature quite as sexy as him. His dark hair, handsome face, and perfect body—the cock was perfect too, not crooked, and ironically his spunk tasted similar to Edward's.
I grinned to myself at that thought and rapidly lost my panties, not wasting any time.
"What's so funny?" He locked the door and then walked towards me.
"Mom sleeping?" I asked.
He nodded. "All pilled up and passed out."
"You drugged her." I assessed, rising to my knees.
"Only suggested she take a sleeping pill." He too kneeled on the bed. "So what can I do for you this evening?"
I yawned, feeling tired. "Lick my pussy," I reached out to tweak his nipple, enjoying the sight of his shudder.
"You really are a dirty little girl." He tossed my hair away from my shoulder.
I quirked an eyebrow. "-and you love it."
He grabbed me from behind my knees, making them come out from under me. "You drive me crazy," he whispered, hovering over me quickly.
"You still fuck mom?" I asked.
He nodded. "She is my wife—"
I looked away from him. "And what am I?"
"Ah, my Bella." He brushed my bangs away from my forehead. "You—you're like my shiny new toy."
I grit my teeth together, hating that answer.
"My shiny new toy. You belong to me." He kissed my lips. I kissed him back, ignoring that odd feeling in my gut—ignoring the fire that he ignited. I love Carlisle, am in love with Carlisle, and yet—I don't know how he really feels.
"I have a date this weekend." I sighed, enjoying his lips as they trailed down my torso. He stopped, staring up at me.
"No, you don't...I don't think you understand, baby girl." He chuckled. "You're mine. Mine to play with, and do whatever I want with."
I was nervous now, since he does have a tendency to become a little intense. "Oh yeah?"
He nodded. "Now lay back, and let me taste you." He was off me quickly, pulling my legs to him, spreading them wide, and perching his face just inches from my sex. "I own this. Please make no mistake." He stared between my legs. "I thought about this all day." His eyes riveted back to mine. "Such a tease, wearing that skirt today."
I grinned down at him, still pissed. "Just fucking eat me already." I pushed his head into my pussy. He got to work quickly, licking and sucking, and making me groan. I muffled my groans with my pillow. Then he brought up his fingers to circle my hole. He pumped them in and out quickly, making me feel extremely close—my pussy still sensitive from being with Edward less than an hour before.
This was payback. This was my way of fucking with Carlisle, just as he's been doing with me. He still sleeps with my mother, drugs her, and I think he might actually love my mother—yet I'm his fucking toy? What happened to running away together? All the promises he made?
I quickly forgot all about that as I came around his fingers. He continued to lap his tongue up and down—getting every drop of my climax.
He grinned up at me. "How was that?"
My chest was heaving. Meanwhile, I wore a victorious smile. "How does Edward's dick taste?" I asked.
Something changed in his eyes, just like I thought it would. "You fucked him?"
I shrugged, sitting up. "About—" I looked up to the ceiling. "Twenty minutes before you snuck in. Hey, can I have one of those doors. You know, like those revolving ones? Like they have in kitchens—" He cut me off when his hand landed across my cheek.
My head whipped to the side, and then my eyes landed back to him. "That's a no to the new door then?" I asked.
He was on me quick, grasping my jaw, and making me lie back. That was when my eyes widened, feeling him enter me roughly. "What part of you're mine, didn't you get?"
I gasped, raising my legs to wrap them around his torso. "I belong to no one."
He slapped me again, and my response was the same, turning to grin at him. "He fucks better than you, you know?" I lied.
He pumped into me harder, making me yelp out in pain. That shit kind of hurt. "Fucking whore." He grabbed my hands and brought them above my head.
"Then fuck me like one...daddy." I winked, squirming just a bit as I tried to get comfortable.
"Don't—fucking—call—me—that." He nearly fucked me into the wall.
I cried out again—again in acute pain, and ecstasy. Carlisle knows I like it rough, but maybe not this rough. My stomach tied in knots, staring into his unseeing eyes. Maybe what I said—did, really made him flip his shit, yet I enjoyed it.
"He wants to be my boyfriend," I moaned out, teasing him even more.
"Over my dead body." He groaned, picking up my legs to get inside me deeper.
"He's a sweet heart—everything a girl should want."
"Stay—away—from—him." He panted, beads of sweat dewing on his brow.
"He loves me—something you can't do." I sighed, bucking my hips to meet his thrust.
"I do love you." He spat.
"No, you love my mother. I'm just a shiny new toy, remember?"
Suddenly, he stilled—staring down at me. "Do you love him?"
I turned to look away from him. Because yes, I do love Edward—it's hard not to. I just don't love him in the sense of the way he was speaking. "I do. This is the last time...I won't hurt him." I smirked, still wanting a rise from him.
He chuckled, a sinister little chuckle, trailing his hands down my arms—setting my hands free, as his reached around my neck. "Bella, sweet little Isabella—He doesn't know who you really are."
I giggled. "See, that's the fucked up part. He knows exactly who I am."
He grinned back at me, tightening his hold around my neck. I gulped, becoming fearful. "You're mine—never Edward's—never whatever punk you get a cheap thrill out of fucking." He thrust into me roughly once again, his hands becoming increasingly tighter around my neck, as I stilled below him, trying to claw at his hands.
"Let go..." I gasped out.
He smiled deviously, lowering his head to lick my cheek. "You love it." He threw my words back at me.
I tried—I tried desperately to take a breath, which was becoming so hard. The harder he fucked me, the tighter his hands around my neck became. "Carlisle—stop." I thrashed wildly below him, intense fear dashing through me when he didn't stop.
"Shut-up." His hands stayed on my neck, tightening even more if that was possible, and the last thing I remember—the last thing I felt before succumbing to the darkness, was his maniacal chuckle, and the pain I felt when he bit down onto my breast.


  1. Holy crap! I asked for a dark story and you delivered in spades. I'm off to twcs to read the conclusion.

  2. I read this the other day after you mentioned it on the TLS page. Such a different Bella. A young woman with a manipulative streak, dealing with an older man who may have just bested her completely.

    Not my usual type of fic but an interesting read for sure!