Saturday, May 7, 2011

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"Quiet Storm" "Two weeks. Two years. Who cares?" A lesson in love, crime, and passion. When two young lovers find themselves in the middle of the storm, can love conquer all? AH. OOC. Rated M WIP
Quiet Storm story link

"Outside the Box" This is just your basic New York City love story. Crappy apartments, menial jobs, and low standards place Bella Swan in the pathway of love. Rated M. Canon couples with my usual OOC cast. AH. eventually E/B. WIP
Outside the Box Story Link

"The Story of Us" Check out the epic tale of Bella, a Scrub nurse, who lives upstate NY, where nothing exciting ever happens. How will the arrival of Edward, the new Surgeon, change things?Full summary in chapter 1. AH. Confident Bella & Doctorward. Canon Couples. Complete.
The Story of Us - Link

"Instructions Not Included" The Story of us Sequel. If you haven't read 'The Story of Us', please do so before you read this. Rated M for language and lemons. What happens after HEA? Sixteen years later,with a house full of teenagers.Picks up after the epilogue.Multiple P.O.Vs. 
Instructions_not_Included Link

"Broil" Bella, with help, once escaped her abuser. Can she find her strength once again to help her daughter out of the same situation? Rated M. O/S Dark/AH/OOC/Violence/lemon. Collab between ashma0407 and I which we donated to Fans against domestic violence. R&R
BROIL Story Link

"The Stepfather" Bella Swan is...well, she's odd and a bit loose. She lives with her mother, step brother (Edward), her stepfather (Carlisle), and her baby brother (little C). Bella knows what she wants and is willing to get what she wants by any means necessary, and in this story she wants her stepfather. The only problem is, she wants Edward too. Can she have both? There's only one way to find out. AH. Dark humor. Lemons(quite a few) Rated M. Harsh language. Mild drug use. E/B. Em/B. C/B.
The_Stepfather Story Link

"Home Alone" is an Instructions Not Included outtake, starring EJ and CC which was donated to Fandoms4floods. What happened while Edward and Bella were away for the evening? As soon as it is released it will be posted on Rated M for language and adult content. 

"The Hunt" is a Quiet Storm outtake which will be donated to Fandom4saa, starring Aro. Follow him during a regular day/get to know him, and also find out the truth behind Alec's murder. Takes place between chapters 24 and 25. 

"On the Side" an original O/S by SexyLexiCullen and MelissaMargaret (collaboration) Starring Carlisle and Bella. Carlisle leads a relatively boring and normal life while he secretly lusts for his son's girlfriend, Bella. Rated M for language, lemon, and adult situations. This will be donated to fandoms4tsunami 

All works are also published at The Writer's Coffee Shop Library


  1. I'm a registered user and over 18 but can't get in to Quiet Storm to read it. Just get "registered users" box and then goes to log in on a loop so I'm frustrated plus have tried to contact TWCS with no luck. Is there some secret to getting your story to open? Thanks.

  2. Have you ever thought of publishing your stories? I would love to have your Storm series.