Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Two weeks ago, a friend posted her story on her Facebook wall. Devastated by this news from a deeply-valued reader/supporter/friend, I asked the question so many others have asked: “What can we do for you, K?” Her answer: “I want for nothing for myself. Do you think we could raise money for Stand Up 2 Cancer?” Thus, Stand Up 4 Katalina (SU4K) was born. (Words via @Born on Halloween)

Even though she wanted nothing, I asked her for a prompt, what she’d like to see me write. She’s a fan of the Storm Series, and misses the early days of Bebella and Mr. FuckHot. So, I’ll be contributing an outtake, which will showcase Edward and Bella’s early days – stuff I glazed over while writing the actual story will be brought to light. I hope to make it just as gritty and real as Quiet Storm, while also sexy to capture the crazy passion they had when they’d first gotten together.

To receive/read this as well, please follow the links below and make a donation. Many authors are contributing. For so little, you’ll gain a shitload—outtakes, one shots—from some of your favorite authors.

Thank you for reading!

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