Monday, October 1, 2012

Riders on the Storm - Character Banners

Aro's Kids by Mina Rivera

Carlisle's Kids by Mina Rivera

Damion's Gals by Mina Rivera (This was made prior to me writing ch19)

Bella and Skip's kids by Mina Rivera

All the kids by me :/ my attempt at a banner. LOL. 


  1. they sure are a group of great looking kids! would love to see all the couples, I know that would be hard work but to me this story is like a movie so I love to see places and people. great job by the way.

  2. what's the name of the girl who you chose as kylie? she looks familiar

    1. I know I am not Lexy, but the girl who she has as Kylie is the same girl who played in the Phantom of the Opera. her name is escaping me right now, sorry, but I thought maybe this is why she is familiar to you.

    2. Emma Rossum, or something like that. Sorry. I'll get back to you. Yes, she was in Phantom of the Opera and that Showtime series "Shameless" <3 Thanks for coming to check out the blog!

  3. I know that Damion looks a lot like Edward but "I" imagine him to look more like "Anthony". It's nice to have visuals though :P.

  4. I've been reading your stories through TWCS and finally caught up the other day. I tried to send a review but found it wouldn't go through. I got in touch with them only to get a reply that my Windows OS doesn't allow me to send in reviews to that site, sooooo..... Here's my review that I would have sent in on TWCS....

    **Phew! Well, I’ve finally read all three of your stories and have loved them all immensely! The characters are all well rounded and well defined and most of all, they stay true all throughout the three stories. Yeah some of them are on the nuttier side of normal, but then that could be said about 90% of the earth’s population… But once again, they're consistant with the genre of your stories.
    You’re a great author and these are great stories and I can’t wait for this one to continue!
    Till next chapter!
    Sandy in 0z!

  5. I just finish reading QS, and let me tell you, that i am in love with the characters "all" of them, and the story is so amazing, the intimacy betewn bebella and E is just amazing, is good to put faces to all of them,tonight i start the sequel WTS, and i bet i'm not gonna sleep, .
    thank you Lexi

  6. Can you post their real names? I can only name a few.. Thanks! I love your stories!