Thursday, January 5, 2012

ATTENTION TwiFic Fandom peeps!

ATTENTION TwiFic Fandom peeps!

We need your help! One of our own is in a bit of a pickle. Most of us know Bobby Duprea Cullen (@TropicNebula on Twitter), and you all know she’s a sweetheart. Recently, her son was in an accident. He’s banged up pretty bad and in the hospital.

Bobby’s main problem is that she lives in Florida, and her son is hospitalized in Wisconsin. She has no way (means) to travel there to see him. So, I was wondering and hoping that us, as a fandom, could all donate a few dollars to help get her butt to Wisconsin.

Airfare, round trip, is about $700. 

Having no experience with setting up a Fandom cause, I sought help from fellow twific fandom friends. Michelle LovesCupcakes Collins, came up with a great idea. Last night, I asked Bobby to set up a paypal account. Through paypal, using her email addy, we can transfer funds easily. There’s a tab that’s labeled “send money”.

At this time, I have nothing to offer anyone – as in a compilation or fan art. She needed to be there yesterday, and there simply hasn’t been enough time to pull anything together.

I know times are tough. I know we all just got through the holidays, but if 140 people donate $5, we’ll get to the $700 mark. Or, if 70 people donate $10 . . . and so on.

A few dollars can go a long way for someone who needs it. This isn’t the “usual” fandom cause, where there’s a $5 minimum . . . there’s NO minimum. We have nothing to offer at this time, but when we do have something everyone will receive it.

If we can pull a few authors/graphic makers together, we’ll send you all something as a “thank you!” Bobby has been advised to make/keep a list of every email address of everyone who donates, so we can get something back to you when the opportunity presents itself.

This is a recent status update from Bobby’s Facebook page:

'**UPDATE ON MY SON** he called me this morning and told me he now has eyesight issues and is partially paralyzed on the left side but I think with PT he will be able to move more, its only when he rolls to the left side that he can't move. This sucks!

What sucks even more is that Bobby can’t be there with him.

I, personally, have Twilight Barbie Dolls. I have an Edward, a Victoria, and a Bella doll, and a Edward jigsaw puzzle—all which I have posted on eBay. Here is the link to all my listings: CLICK HERE

All proceeds will be transferred over to Bobby!

Again, a few dollars will go a long way. To donate, please go to Paypal, hit the tab “send money” and type in Bobby’s email addy:

Also, if anyone out there can and wants to help out with this, please get in touch with me as well. I’ll take any help I can get, so we can get Bobby to Wisconsin. If you have things you’d like to donate, too, let’s see how we can do this. I’m hoping out of the goodness of everyone’s heart, we can all donate a few dollars. Once more, I know times are tough, but I’m not asking for a mint here, just . . . even if you can spare a buck. That’d be amazing.

Thank you so much for your time and for reading. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as to how this is all going. With writing fic, working fulltime, and life – this is something new added to my plate. So please, be patient if I or Bobby don’t get back to you right away.

For more information about Bobby, Friend request Bobby Duprea Cullen on Facebook or @Tropicnebula on Twitter. Just ask, and she’ll tell you!

Our goal is $700!

Let’s make it happen! 

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