Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"Coming Home" a Quiet Storm Outtake for @MostlyaLurker

A fellow Twific author needs our help. Mostly A Lurker is still suffering the effects of a serious workplace injury from several years ago. She's in the process of obtaining a service dog to help her with her daily routine and provide companionship. Mal has found a wonderful collie and a qualified trainer; now all she needs is to cover the costs. You can help! Please visit her blog to find out more info, and see photos of Leo - he's a very handsome dude. For information on how to donate to read (receive the whole compilation) Please visit: http://mostlyalurker.blogspot.com/

You must donate to read the "Quiet Storm" outtake "Coming Home"---starts with Bella picking Edward up from prison, told in EPOV, with lemony goodness and the trials and tribs of coming home to a son who was too young to remember him when he left. And an older son, who questions his whereabouts. It's good, promise. And because I want to award those who donate, THIS WILL NEVER BE POSTED FOR PUBLIC VIEWING. SORRY.

"Coming Home" Teaser 

Letting out these small groans, I was able to taste and kiss all my favorite spots in my only favorite place. By now Bella held her own legs back, nearly placing her feet behind her head. She was wide open—exposed—and looked so gorgeous, face scrunched and eyes closed in pleasure. I had stopped to finger her, using two and going so slow. 

Then was when I decided to test the waters. With my fingers moist and slippery from her wetness, they left her to slide down and rub against her asshole. 

“Shit.” Her ass rose from the bed even more, and my head dipped low—keeping pressure with my fingers without entering as I softly sucked her clit. The squeal I was greeted with made my heart take a leap. “You like that, baby?” I cooed, and then flicked my tongue on her swollen clit.“Yes!” she screamed, her thighs clamping my head tightly. “Oh God . . . just like that, Edward. I love you. I love you. I love—” She let out a gasp-like cry, her breathing cut off as she stiffened.