Saturday, September 17, 2011

MAL and Leo's HEA



Good evening! It is with a heavy heart that I reach out to you all this evening. Within this fandom, we write and donate to causes, mostly for disasters and unfortunate events that plague cities, towns, states, and countries. But, rarely do we donate to help our own--the people within this fandom that could use our help. As a fandom, I believe we should look out for one-another, especially if one of us are in need. 

I've recently been made aware of 's heartbreaking story. Her story touched me, and since last night I have done everything within my power to help out. I donated money, my time, and, next, I plan to donate a one-shot.

Being that Quiet Storm is the most popular of my stories, I plan to donate an outtake of your choice. Was there ever a circumstance or a scene that you wished was longer, that you obtained more information on? Through you guys, the ones who donate, I leave the choice up to you. 

Consider me, a writer for hire. 

The amount of your donation is of no significance. The more the better, but  is more than grateful for whatever you can contribute. 

So far,

  • Anais Mark
  • Bella Flan
  • DeJean Smith
  • Duskwatcher 
  • eddiebell69
  • Exquisite Edward

  • javamomma0921 — original fiction short story
  • just duckie
  • Lady TazzDirty Money, a Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Morgan Locklear — episode from Cockeyed Optimist
  • Mrs. The King
  • SaritaDreaming
  • Savage7289 — outtake from Offside
  • Sebastien Robichaud outtake from The Ice Queen and Mr McCarty
  • wmr1601
  • yellowglue
  • SexyLexiCullen - Quiet Storm outtake

have signed up to write. 

~ Every donation (no matter how large or small) will receive a compilation of one-shots, outtakes, and/or short stories from the authors listed above (The list is updated regularly) If you would like to contribute, please email contact @mostlyalurker via twitter for all the details. 


~ Tkegl still has several custom banners available, one per donation of $25 or more. To see a gallery of some of her incredible banners — ones she's already made for donors — CLICK HERE

~ These four top-flight betas are offering four lucky people their beta service for a one-shot, one each per donation of $50 or more. 

  • BellaFlan — beta for wordslinger (multiple stories), SexylexyCullen's Weather the Storm, DoUTrustMe's Blame it on Rio (pulled), and Mac214' original fiction
  • Perry Maxwell — beta for BellaFlan's In the Shadow of Your Heart, Gingerandgreen's Plight Thee My Troth, Purelyamuse's Masen Days, and Mac214's original fiction
  • SaritaDreaming — Twilighted validation beta, Sparkly Red Pen beta, beta for Aleeab4u's Prey for the Wicked
  • wmr1601 — Sparkly Red Pen beta, beta for SaritaDreaming and lilmssomething
If you are interested in a custom banner by Tkegl, or one of the betas above, please note that in the comment section on the paypal donation page when making your donation, Thank you.

So please, please, please, please help us out! 

Once you donate, please get back to me and let me know what you'd like to read. This outtake is for only those who donate. I hate to be a stickler, but I WILL NOT post said outtake for the public, ever--just because...well, I really want  to get the help she needs. And combined, I hope we help to raise her enough money 

Please don't think me horrible. I have spent hours, days, months...writing for this fandom, and I love it and do it for nothing. We don't pay to read fanfiction, but this time, I am asking you...Please! She needs the help!

Thank you for your time.

All the information is here: Mal and Leo's HEA


  1. You're absolutely right, Lexi! We've all written/donated to other causes and I think it's terrific that you're helping one of our own. I'm all for helping out!! Thanks for bringing this to the Fandom's attention!

    Many blessings,
    Charli oxox

  2. Thank you so much for the RT! She's @Mostlyalurker on twitter and And...well, you have her blog. Thank you so, so much!!!! I'm trying to get her story out to everyone.