Sunday, September 18, 2011

Get Involved with the TwiFicFandom and Show your support!!

A fellow Twific author needs our help. Mostly A Lurker is still suffering the effects of a serious workplace injury from several years ago. She's in the process of obtaining a service dog to help her with her daily routine and provide companionship. Mal has found a wonderful collie and a qualified trainer; now all she needs is to cover the costs. You can help! Please visit her BLOG  to find out more info, and see photos of Leo - he's a very handsome dude.

You don't have to donate money. Airline or hotel miles would help, too!

No matter what you donate, you'll get a great compilation of stories from some amazing authors:
Anais Mark, Bella Flan, eddiebell69, justduckie, Sebastien Robichaud, Lady Tazz, Mrs. The King, Exqusite Edward, DeJean Smith, Morgan Locklear, Sarita, wmr1601, javamomma, Duskwatcher, yellowglue, Savage and (me) SexyLexiCullen.

Please consider donating to bring Mal and Leo together. This will go a long way to improve Mal's quality of life. 

It doesn't matter how much or what you donate. Mostly A Lurker is more than happy with anything you can give.

There are many amazing authors lined up to write as well, and you will receive the entire compilation, even if you donate a dollar. For ever-growing list of authors: CLick Here

The Quiet Storm outtake I plan to write will NEVER be posted for the public. Partly because I feel so strongly about this cause and I really hope you'll help her out. I want those who donate to feel they've obtained something special, and that's why I'll never post the outtake publicly. Sorry. To those who donate, if you have an idea that you would like to read/see and it's not posted on the poll, please send me a PM.

Consider me a writer for hire/CHARITY :)

ATTN: Instructions Not Included fans/readers! Want more? I have donated an outtake, which takes place about a month after the epilogue. It stars Alex, but ALL the Cullens are present. It has been donated to Fandom for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. For more information on how to donate to read: CLICK HERE Again, for SO little that can go a long way, you get a lot in return.

Also, I plan to write an original o/s for The Texas Wildfire Relief. Click Here for more information about it. Sign up to write!! Texas is still burning. And quite a few of our fandom that reside in Texas are left without a home.


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