Sunday, February 12, 2012

Banner, Summaries, and Teasers For The Flight For Bobby Compilation

Cats and Dogs by JMolly

Swan and Cullen had met when she was four, and he was eight, nineteen years earlier.  His rambunctious Border Collie, Bear, had attempted to ingest her Calico, Wednesday Addams, for lunch.  It had begun the war.  He had been in love with her ever since.

Simple Man by FFLoverLaura

Summary: This is a story of a mother's love for her son. A one shot for the AFlightforBobby Cause. Bella/Sam. Angst. Rated M.

Simple Man Teaser: If I had only one thing to tell my son, I would tell him to be a simple man. Of course he knows what I mean whenever I say this to him. While growing up, every night I would sit beside him on his bed and read him a story. And every night, I would kiss his cheek; tell him I loved him and that no matter what may come, I wished for him to love with all his heart. 

Through the Woods by TexasBella

Summary:  Sisters, Alice and Bella are worried over their sick father. Bella takes it upon herself to travel through the woods to see Zafrina, the witch. She will be sent on a quest to prove her worthiness to save her father. Along the way, Bella will find herself bargaining favors with ogres (Emmett), elves (Carlisle) and even fairies (Edward)...which one will win her heart? A very ADULT fairytale...
As I walked through the woods at a brisk pace, I tried to be very aware of my surroundings.  I’d heard the strange tales about encounters in these woods. 
Tales of shape shifters, animals that could walk as a man or in their true form.
Legends of mystical creatures, god like in their beauty, that demanded intimate favors in exchange for passage.  I shivered at that thought.  I had no knowledge of such things and would be in no position to bargain such ‘favors.’
And there were the warnings of the wee folk, the Fae, who could be helpful or harmful depending on their mood.  They were said to be mischievous, which is why I called my sister, Sprite.
Her normal vibrant self was forever asking questions and bouncing around with an endless source of energy.
I couldn’t allow her to become trapped.  Like an unhappy Fae, she would eventually fade and die.
That was not going to happen.  I knew I would do anything I had to in order to save Father. To save Alice.
Even if ‘anything’ meant dying.
The Stock Boy by CullensTwiMistress

Summary: I watched him on the security camera as he felt the apples, holding them in his hands, weighing them and making sure they were all ripe but not spoiled. Someday, my fantasies are going to get me in trouble. AH, BxJ, M for language and fruit.

More to come . . .
PS: I suck at blogging, so excuse the text that's all different sizes :)

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