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MAL & Leo's HEA

mostly a lurker

The teaser blog for the compilation went live the other day. Still don't know if you should donate to MostlyALurker? Check out what your favorite authors are contributing. Every donation, whether money, an outtake/one shot, air miles, or hotel comps, receives the compilation of fuck-awesome stories. 
For more info on MAL & Leo: Click Here 

Click the links below to see what authors are donating:

Alby Mangroves

Charli Denae 


Lady Tazz 




Here's what's included in the compilation:

  • AgoodWITCH
  • Alby Mangroves — The Goth King of UW, a new Edward/Garrett one-shot
  • Anais Mark
  • Bella Flan — alternate ending to Stigmata Tomato entitled Kill Phil
  • CharliDenae — One Knight in Time, a new Alice/Jasper one-shot
  • DeJean Smith — From the Journal of Liriope M. Hermitage (from Evermore Experience)
  • Duskwatcher 
  • eddiebell69
  • Exquisite Edward
  • javamomma0921 — an original short fiction entitled The Selkie's Bride
  • just duckie — Fuzzy Logic, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • KitsuShel
  • Lady Gwynedd 
  • Lady Tazz — Dirty Money, a new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • MG2112 — future take from The Singer and The Sorrow
  • Morgan Locklear — episode from Cockeyed Optimist
  • Mrs. The King — outtake or extra chapter from Late Night with Aro
  • MsKathy 
  • SaritaDreaming — new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • Savage7289 — Play By Play, an outtake from Offside featuring the Esme Platt/Edward Masen story
  • sexilexicullen — outtake from Quiet Storm
  • Sebastien Robichaud — outtake from The Ice Queen and Mr McCarty
  • SqueakyZorro
  • tkat681 — Bella/Edward future-take from Choices
  • tufano79 — outtake from A Nerd Story of Love
  • wmr1601 — More Than My Own Life, a new Bella/Edward one-shot 
  • writingbabe — new Bella/Edward one-shot
  • yellowglue — Grey Skies and Light Fading, a new Bella/Edward one-shot

More teasers will be added as time goes on.

~ fallanydeeper is offering a custom banner or desktop wallpaper for each donation of $25 or more.Click here to view her extensive gallery of work. 

~ Ten top-flight betas are offering ten lucky people their beta service for a one-shot, one each per donation of $50 or more.

•  afmtoo — Project Team Beta beta, beta for Miss Betty Smith's Full Disclosure, luvrofink's Let Me Drive. Speciality is Britishness, "but I can turn my hand to most."

•  BellaFlan spoken for   

•  HollettLA — beta for Project Team Beta, Sparkly Red Pen, Emergency Beta Service, and The Twilight Awards as well as multiple authors/stories.

•  katmom spoken for

•  lulabelle98 — senior beta for Sparkly Red Pen, beta for DreamOfTheEndless' Beautiful Sorrow, Antevorte's Fragments, and TheEdwardians All That Remains

•  Marly580 — Project Team Beta beta, Emergency Beta Service moderator and beta, beta for Raum's De Immortalitate, and ginger1983ff's Life As I Know It

•  Perry Maxwell — beta for BellaFlan's In the Shadow of Your Heart, Gingerandgreen's Plight Thee My Troth, Purelyamuse's Masen Days, and Mac214's original fiction

•  SaritaDreaming — Twilighted validation beta, Sparkly Red Pen beta, beta for Aleeab4u's Prey for the Wicked

•  Songster — Fictionista Workshop admin, beta for Emmanuelle Nathan's This Buried Life, Spring Hale's Never Bargained for You, BettiGefecht, and ChocolateLover82. Specialist helping foreign writers with English and American idiomatic speech.

•  SqueakyZorro — Project Team Beta moderator and beta, beta for bloodonmylips's Feral Blood, Michelle M. Marie & Paige Parkker's Little Fish, Big Fish, TwiLoverSue's Once Bitten

•  SueBee0619 — beta for FictionFreak95's Vines and Meet the Masens, VirginiaMay's Arms, OneBraveLamb's Set Fire to the Rain, and SweetPoeticJustice's Gonorrhea Always Ends With A HEA

•  wmr1601 — Sparkly Red Pen beta, beta for SaritaDreaming and lilmssomething
If you are interested in a custom banner by fallanydeeper, or one of the betas above, please note that in the comment section on the paypal donation page when making your donation.

If you would like to submit/donate a o/s or outtake of your existing story, please contact MAL via the link up above. Submissions are due 10/31 and the compilation should be sent out on 11/16!!!! 

MAL has said this quite a few times, but I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you! 

She's almost at her goal, and it's because all of you have pulled out all the stops and made it happen. The generosity and kindness is astounding. Together, we can make a difference, and we HAVE made a difference. On a personal note, I've heard some people talk badly about the Twi-Fic-Fandom, and on some days I can too. But, this goes to show that we really do have some amazing people within it. I am touched and so happy Mal and Leo are that much closer to meeting, and having their HEA. 

I ONLY do HEAs because I'm a wimp, and this will be no different. I am dedicated and I strive to bring awareness to many of you! So, if you find my multiple posts to be bothersome, I apologize. . . just know, I'd do it for you. 

I'm not giving up, and neither is MAL! So let's get her to her goal! Woot Woot! 


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