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The Stepfather by SexyLexiCullen

The Conclusion

WARNING: RATED M FOR LEMONS, LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, AND MILD DRUG USE. THERE IS ALSO NO HAPPILY EVER AFTER...SO, CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED. NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED. THIS STORY IS ALSO NOT BETA'D. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK...Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight. No copyright infringement is intended. There is a part three coming soon. . . it's a slow WIP. 

The Stepfather...continued...
Gasping for air, I cupped my throat and sat up quickly. "What the fuck?" I rasped, then let out a loud cough.
"You should really quit smoking." A dark voice said beside me.
I turned to narrow my eyes at Carlisle. "You fucking choked sick...fucking bastard." I repeatedly punched his chest. I must have passed out and he must have finished fucking me already. He looked spent, yet his response was to laugh at me.
"You could have killed me." I scolded through a whisper.
He smirked at me, placing my hair behind my ear. "I could never do such a thing." He looked down to the bed.
I snorted, rolling my eyes and turning away from him. I stood from the bed, grabbing for my T-shirt, and quickly tossed it over my head. "I have school in the morning. So, get the fuck out." I crossed my arms over my chest.
I didn't know what to think about what just happened. One minute we were fucking and the next...I woke up choking. He fucking choked me. He is so going to pay for that.
"Uh—oh..." He chuckled, standing up himself. "I see the wheel in that sick head of yours spinning."
Silently, I watched him dress, as my foot tapped, and I grew angrier by the second. But what angered me the most was that I was kind of frightened. Seriously, what the hell just happened? I needed to smoke, badly.
He began to walk towards me, and I steadied myself when I nearly flinched to take a step back. I stood my ground.
"Hug?" He widened his arms.
"Fuck you." I spat.
"Same time tomorrow?"
I chuckled, shaking my head.
"You know I'd never really hurt you Bells—"
I reached out and smacked his bicep. "Don't fucking call me that. Only my father calls me that." I spat out and regretted it immediately. I wanted to show no weakness. "Why would you do that?" I whispered.
He reached out, palming my cheek. "I'm sorry."
I turned to grin at him. "I want one of those new MacBooks...a nice one."
He sucked his teeth and withdrew his hand. "You have a laptop...why can't you be more like Edward? He never asks for anything..."
"Do you fuck Edward too?" I asked.
He scoffed at me. "You really are a sick, twisted little girl, and I just—I played right into your games, didn't I? Meanwhile, I thought you were just falling into mine." He shook his head.
I shrugged my shoulders. "You're hot. I've wanted to fuck you since you checked me out in the ER—like almost two years ago." I grumbled.
"How could I forget that?" He looked up to the ceiling.
I smiled, staring down. I was screwing my steady boyfriend at the time and his cock was so small, the condom fell off, and became stuck inside me. I panicked, but knew Dr. Cullen was working in the ER that day. I begged him not to call my parents—Doctor/patient garbage. He refused because I was only sixteen and called my mom, right before he called a GYN consult to fetch the condom out of me. I really wanted him to do it. Mom freaked out and put me on birth control. Meanwhile, that's how Carlisle and my mother met. After that day, they started their affair. I was so fucking stupid.
"It's no game." I turned to face him. "I love you."
Suddenly, he let out a low groan, palming his face as he sat back down on my bed. He became the sweet, easy—so damn easy—Carlisle that I can wrap around my finger. I don't know who that scary dude was a moment ago. "You really slept with Edward?"
I nodded, closing the distance between us to sit next to him. "I'm sorry." I lied.
He turned to me, and I winced when he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Renee—your mother sleeping with Charlie I can deal with—" So he knew. "But not you, my Bella." He grinned, trailing his finger along my cheek. "Promise me you won't sleep with Edward again—I could kick his ass." I think he said more to himself. "I'll tell him to stay away from you."
"No!" I blurted out quickly, and then covered my mouth. "I mean, no. It was me." I looked down. "I did it to get you angry." I half lied.
The other half just really liked the way Edward looked losing himself while he played his piano earlier. He looked so intense, and the way he worked those keys—I knew he'd have no problem working me, and he didn't. I shuddered to myself, remembering how passionate and soft, sweet he was.
"Remorse?" Carlisle went back to being a dick. "Edward is a good kid. He's nothing like you. He might just listen to me, and if he doesn't—one pop in the mouth should do it. I never hit him before so he'll take me seriously."
I was torn again, as my instincts told me he was bluffing. He'd never put a hand on Edward, his shinning star, his little prodigy. Then, I thought back to what just happened. How he just snapped within a split second.
"Is that a threat?" I asked.
He chuckled. "You can take it as—how ever you want to look at it." He nodded. "A threat, a warning...does it make a difference?" He quirked an eyebrow in my direction.
"Take it back." I said.
"Nope." He squeezed my thigh.
I placed my hand on his, giving it a gentle tap before I rose from the bed. I opened my bedroom door, noticing that the hallway was very dark, and there wasn't a sound to be heard. I knew everyone was sleeping.
"What are you doing?" He whispered.
"Take it back before I scream." I whispered back.
His eyes widened. "No." He breathed. "Go ahead and scream."
I grinned. "Says the dumb fuck that didn't bother to use a condom." I shrugged. "You are all in this." I gestured to my body. I'm on the depo shot, so it's not like I can get pregnant, but Carlisle is fucking stupid. He's a doctor, an adult, and I'm a whore. It's simple, and once again funny as hell because I could cry rape, and have the evidence—plain as day evidence.
He grimaced. "Um...close the door." He looked down.
I closed the door, and sauntered slowly over to him. "I want a new laptop, and you will leave Edward alone." I said.
He nodded, still looking down. "This is over..." he waved a finger. "Me and you. Not only is it sick—no, it's just really fucking sick, and I can't think straight whenever you're involved." He rubbed his eyes with his palms.
I swallowed loudly, not liking that at all. My heart felt as though it was breaking. "Fine." I rasped, refusing to cry. "But I want my shit."
He looked up to me. "Deal. However, I want you to leave Edward alone as well—ever think about living with your father?" He smiled.
I shook my head no. "What about—what you said, before and the other day?" I whispered, blinking back tears.
"What did I say?" He asked.
I looked away from him, not wanting to repeat it, but willing. "About us leaving—going away somewhere." I wiped at the corners of my eyes.
He chuckled. "I never said that."
My head whipped to him. "You just said you loved me." My lip quivered and I bit it down. "Last Wednesday—you said we'd leave." I pointed at him.
He laughed, leaning his hand on his knee. "Last Wednesday—oh yeah, I was on the reservation. Billy Black's son says hi, by the way." He knit his brows together. "Did you sleep with that kid?"
I shook my head no, slumping my shoulders.
"Anyway, Billy has a nasty ulcer on his leg, I made a house call. He urged me to drink this—it must be like moonshine..."
"That's why mom had to come get you? I thought your car broke down?" My frown intensified. That was the night we made love for the first time.
"I'm sorry if you misunderstood me, and often males will say many to things to get into your uh—panties." He smiled, staring up at me. "Shouldn't a big girl—excuse me, a woman of your prowess realize that?"
"What about all that "You're mine" crap?" My voice rose a few octaves. "You not being able to share me? You said that less than...two minutes ago." I rushed out.
"Shh—Jesus." He waved his hand. "I was giving you want you wanted. You're a twisted little cunt." He snorted. "You're a little tramp, your mother doesn't sleep with me—obviously—and I'm too lazy to go out and look." He shrugged. "I was playing a role, just like you were—"
"Get out." I pointed to my door. "Like you said, we're done. I want my shit by Friday." I didn't know how to respond to that. However, I became slightly thrilled that he doesn't screw mom anymore.
He stood up to grin down at me. "You can fuck and talk like a woman, but you can't deal, can you?"
I didn't reply, gritting my teeth, and looking away from him.
He poked my nose. "Everything you said was a lie too." He kissed my forehead. "I'll get you your laptop for being a good sport." He gave my ass a squeeze.
"I won't leave Edward alone." I said, and hated using him as leverage. Before it was fun. I used him to get a rise out of Carlisle, but I bet he just doesn't want Edward near me—not the other way around.
He sighed. "How can I keep you two apart?" He asked. "You live in the same house, I just hope he realizes that you're a whore and can do better, before it's too late. He has his own issues..."
I pushed his chest. "Get out." I said.
"Oh, don't be like that." He placed a kiss in my hair.
I refused to look at him again.
"Right. Well, you have a goodnight. I had fun..." He let himself out of my room without another word.
Me? Well, I threw myself onto my bed and cried my eyes out. Just kidding. I actually fought against my tears and brought my filthy ass to the bathroom for a shower. I never screw two guys in the same day. This was new, and although I felt kind of dirty, I chuckled into the spray of the shower.
I fucked both of them.
Carlisle thinks he has the upper hand, but he is so wrong. So what if I'm washing the evidence away? I lured him into my bed once before, and he's deluding himself if he thinks he can resist me. He will be mine. He just doesn't know it yet. I'll keep at him, fuck him up and his life, until he realizes that he loves me.
"That's so fucked up," I said to myself, exiting the shower. Drying off, I shrugged those thoughts away, still grinning, only to frown just as fast when my mind went back to Edward.
What the fuck was I going to do about Edward? I wasn't sure, but I knew what I was going to do now. I needed Edward, like I always do.
After I put my pajamas on, I tip-toed down the hall, and quietly entered his bedroom. The moonlight cascaded through the window and I was able to see my way to his bed. He looked so peaceful, content as he slept.
"Edward." I whispered.
He groaned, rolling onto his side.
I nudged him. "Edward."
This time he opened his eyes, and without saying a word, he lifted his arm. I smiled, crawling into the bed and nestling into him. "You're so warm." I said.
"A-huh." He sighed, resting his head in the crook of my neck.
Even before I began to think Edward attractive, we were sort of close. I've known Edward since I was ten and he was nine. We went to the same schools, didn't have the same friends, but we were always nice to each other, and in this moment—I wanted to die. How could I sleep with him? How could I ruin what we had? It's the only relationship in my life that isn't fucked. I turned to him, intertwining our legs, and resting my head against his chest, as I wept.
I felt his fingers trailing through my hair, making me look up to him. "What's wrong?"
I sniffled. "Can we—uh—um pretend we didn't...what we did before?" I felt broken inside. I couldn't even say it.
His eyes opened. "Why?" He frowned down at me.
I sobbed louder into him. "You don't know what I did."
"What happened?" He sat up, taking me with him.
I shook my head slowly. Never in a million years can he ever find out that I slept with his father. It was such a joke before and now—now it's unfathomable. He'd never talk to me again. If Carlisle wanted to run away, I'd have Carlisle, but without Carlisle, I needed Edward.
I'm fucked.
"I'm evil." I pouted, looking down to my hands.
He laughed. "I know..." He touched my cheek. "You're the evillest person I know. I'd never mess with you. The devil himself would need a restraining order against you." He crookedly grinned at me, making me grin back through my tears. "This is the second time tonight. Since when do you cry?"
I shrugged, pursing my lips. I was only pretending to cry earlier. "We shouldn't fuck anymore." I whispered.
"Why?" Now he looked fucking heartbroken. Christ. Can't I ever catch a break? Fuck.
"'re good, and I'm not. You should be with uh...that Webber chick?" I tried to think of her name. "Her dad is like a pastor."
"Angela?" He asked. "What would I want with Angela?" He made a face.
"She's pretty." I said. "You're gorgeous, and just amazing. She'd be stupid not to—" He cut me off with his lips, kissing me so soft, and so right—I involuntarily moaned into his mouth.
"I just—we just got together. I can't lose you now." He said, with so much conviction. "I like me too. Just admit it."
I looked away from him. Now ain't that a bitch? "But you said what we did was fucked up?" I was confused.
He shrugged. "I only said that dad told me to stop watching you, to maintain my distance. He thinks I have a problem, when I know it's just love."
That made me smile. "I don't want you to stay away from me." I brushed my lips against his. Edward wasn't like the normal losers that followed me around, hoping for a piece of ass. Oh no, he goes a step beyond that—watching me when I have no idea, and sometimes I do catch him watching. I think he sees everything I do, except Carlisle. God forbid.
Edward keeping such a close eye on me gives me a small thrill. That time he was outside my window, I made it like a little show, slowly undressing, and swaying my hips a bit.
Poor Edward fell out of the fucking tree.
Plus, I could always bring my pajamas into the bathroom to change. I leave it wearing a towel because I know he'll be waiting, poking his head out of his bedroom—hoping to see something.
Well, he's seen it all now. I thought he would have backed away already. After all, he did get what he wanted.
He deepened the kiss and hovered over me fast. "I'll never leave you. I'll always be here—"
I pushed against his chest. "Back up Tonto...geez. No need to jump on it." I sat back up. "We just had sex." I couldn't imagine having sex again. Blah.
"We don't have to do anything. That part can stay the same—well, in the future I'd like for us to make love again, but not right now. Let me hold you tonight?" He brought my hand to his lips, something his father always does. It made my heart melt and damn me to the deepest pit in hell if he didn't resemble Carlisle in this moment too.
"Yes." I sighed, melting back into him, and closing my eyes—imagining that I was tucked tightly into Carlisle's arms.
"Christ. Would you hurry the fuck up?" I drawled, whilst being jostled.
"Tell me how much you love it." Emmett panted, giving my ass a spank.
"Oh baby. Oh baby—" I let out a yawn, becoming so damn tired. "I love that huge cock of yours." I lied.
Emmett McCarty is like king of the needle dicks, but he sells the best pot in town. That's it. There's not much else to him, besides that I've known him since kindergarten. I've known his girlfriend too since then, and that bitch hates me.
I grinned, grabbing his hands, and bringing them above his head, while I bucked my hips into him rapidly to pick up a rhythm. Maybe if I showed some enthusiasm he'll come faster.
"Take—that—bitch..." I breathed, watching his eyes roll back.
"Oh fuck!" He bucked his hips one last time up into me, and I knew he was done. "Shit."
I huffed out a breath, brought my skirt back down, and slumped next to him. "Give me my shit." I held out my hand.
He panted, nodding his head yes while he tore off the condom. "It's in the glove compartment."
I leaned over into the front seat to tear open the glove compartment, only to reveal a fucking twenty.
"Are you fucking serious?" I asked, holding up the small bag. "I thought you said you had fifty?" I felt like the dumbest bitch on the planet, but Emmett usually always follows through. If he says he has fifty, he has fifty.
"I'll get more later." He said, zipping his pants. "Don't worry, B. I totally got you." He smiled, grasping my hand. "No worries. I'll drop it off at your house later."
I nodded, accepting that. "Don't tell Rose that we fucked again either. Bitch went crazy last time." I smiled, hoping he would anyway.
He barked out a laugh. "That's my Rosie. She got you good last time too." He ran his thumb along my jaw that Rosalie nearly broke. Like I said, bitch is crazy.
I shook my head, stuffing the bag into my pocket. "I can't believe you two are still together."
"She loves me." He said. "And love...well, it can make you do some crazy things. Like, forgiving me, when I'm never faithful—"
I waved my hand stopping him. I don't care about all that. "Okay, Dr. Phil—whatever. Can you take me home?" I asked.
He shook his head no. "I have a test next period that I can't miss. What about your stalker...your brother? Jesus. That has to be uncomfortable." He stared past me out the window. "Ever notice how he's always watching you? I mean, shouldn't he be in class?" He snorted.
I turned to follow his line of sight, just in time to see Edward disappear behind a corner. "Huh?" I turned back to Emmett. "Maybe he loves me." I grinned.
"He doesn't love you. Cullen is just a freak—" Emmett laughed.
I punched his arm. "He is not."
"Take my word. He's like a ten on the creep-o-meter. That's why everyone stays away from him." He nodded. "I wouldn't be surprised if you disappeared one day because he stuffed you in his trunk and drove off a cliff—like that Eminem video.." He continued to laugh.
I shook my head. "He's the nicest guy I know." I looked down, not caring that he is always watching me. "He would never do such a thing."
"I was kidding, but he's still creepy...and he's a dick." Emmett reached over me to open the car door.
I wanted to insult him, but that would fuck up our dealings later. "Pleasure doing business."
"Likewise." Emmett threw my school bag at me.
I caught it, gave him the finger, and put it on my back.
As I began to walk back to the school, I took a curious glance around and righted my underwear. Damn animal didn't even want to wait for me to take them off. Dumb-ass. I still had my hooded sweatshirt on too.
But, things were looking up for me and my pitiful existence I call life. I had my weed.
With that in mind, I sprinted to the left towards the woods to bypass the high school. Fuck that. I could care less that I didn't have a ride, I'll just walk. It's only two miles and after I smoke a little, I won't know the difference.
When I was away from the school a bit, hidden by the shrubbery, I dug out my bowl and my lighter from my backpack.
Right before I lit my smoke, I noticed someone standing by a neighboring tree. My gut told me it was Edward. "You want to smoke?" I asked, facing him.
He silently walked closer to have a seat at my right. "You had sex with him."
I snorted, lighting my bowl. As soon as the smoke hit the back of my throat, I sucked it back deep, continuing to take small gasps of air.
"I can't believe you had sex with him—for weed? I told you I'd give you the money." Edward shouted out. I blew my smoke in his face, then of course I coughed my brains out. "Fuck. That shit stinks." He patted my back. "Are you okay?"
I cleared my throat, feeling instantly relaxed. "Fan-fucking-tastic."
"I don't want you doing this shit're so much better than this." He palmed his face.
I grinned, getting on my knees and crawling the two steps over to him. "Hey, it's no big deal. It was just sex." I pulled his hands away from his face.
"I thought we were together, which means—you'd stop what you're doing." He kept his eyes down. "I love you." He looked back up to me.
I paused, his green eyes looking so much like Carlisle's in this moment. I stared into them, only focusing on his eyes as he stared back. Through my haze, Edward's face started to morph so that I actually thought I might be staring into Carlisle's eyes. "I love you too." I whispered.
He laughed, the sweetest—relieved laugh I've ever heard, which made me giggle in return, and realize what I said. "So, it's me and you, like for real?"
My response was to nod while I backed further away from him. "Sure. Fuck it."
He leaned over and kissed my cheek. "You're amazing..."
"Thanks," I winked at him. Again, if I couldn't have Carlisle, I was going to keep Edward. It's logic.
"The bell is about to ring. We should get back to school."
I shook my head no. "You go—I'm going home."
"I'll drive you." He stood up, grasping my hand to stand me up too.
"No, you stay." I placed my hand on his chest. "Maybe smoking wasn't the best idea. I just want to go home and take a's quiet, and no one is home."
" but I'd still feel better if I drove you."
I groaned. "Why can't you just listen to me?" I asked. "I'll go home and you go back to school...God." I folded my arms across my chest. "I won't be with you if you continue to be some fucking dictator." I spat.
"I'm sorry." He rushed out. "Just—just be careful."
I grinned up to him. "Do you have any cash? I'll stop for some pizza on my way."
He nodded, reaching back for his wallet to slap ten bucks into my hand. "What happened to your allowance?"
I shrugged, not wanting to tell him that I bought Carlisle a tie with it. That he loved by the way, and two nights ago, he said thank you by letting me suck his dick.
"Thanks boyfriend." I rose to my toes to kiss his cheek. He turned his head and quickly caught my lips with his own.
"I love you." He whispered.
I nodded, backing away from him. "I'll see you later and don't follow me."
"Okay." He said.
I waved, giving him a tight lipped smile as I started to walk.
"Hey!" He shouted after me. "Can I tell Jasper that we're together?"
I rolled my eyes and turned to face him. "I'd appreciate it if we kept this on the low...I mean...we're step-brother and sister."
"But...we're not actually related." He grimaced.
The boy made sense. "I don't care." It's not like anyone will believe him anyway. Bella Swan, perpetual bad-ass, and pure as snow —or whatever— Edward Cullen. "I'll see you later."
He blew me a kiss. I smiled, catching it, and placed it in my pocket. God that was so cheesy.
I giggled to myself as I continued to walk.
The walk back to casa de Cullen/Swan went by pretty fast. I stopped a few times to fill my bowl, ducking behind the shadows, and still managed to get home before it started to rain heavily. I was laughing hysterically while I let myself in.
"What are you doing home so early?" Carlisle asked.
I turned to smile at him. "I could ask you the same." I tore off my damp hooded sweatshirt.
He chuckled, walking around me. "I switched shifts. Now, I'll be working the nightshift. That way—I don't have to see you."
That made me frown.
"Or your mother...making my pathetic life more bearable." He chuckled.
"Where is mom?" I asking taking a glance around. "-and little C?"
He shrugged. "Out spending my money, doing what wives do best I suppose."
"How come you never give me money?" I asked. "I bought you a tie."
He reached out to touch my face and drew his hand back. I grabbed that hand and rapidly placed it to my cheek, nearly melting into the contact. "You're high." He said.
I giggled. "So what?"
He sighed, his gaze softening. "I don't give you money because you buy little things like drugs and God knows what else."
"I bought you a gift."
He spoke over me. "Plus, you're too busy extorting me for other things. Your shit as you call it, should be here by Friday. I made sure of it." He rubbed my bottom lip with his thumb.
"Kiss me." I said.
"No." He backed away from me.
I stomped my foot, hating that answer. "If you're not here for me...or mom, then why are you still here? Why not just leave?" I ranted.
He pursed his lips, turning away from me to sit at the kitchen table. I smiled and followed after him, not wasting any time. As soon as he sat down, I sat in his lap, while he welcomed me.
No matter how much he denies me, or what he says—he does love me. I just have to make him see it.
"I don't know." He wrapped his arms around me. "I have a great position, I'm respected by the community, and I have two kids here. Edward would hate me if we moved, and Carlisle—well, he's still a baby." He withdrew his arms to pinch the bridge of his nose.
"I love you." I kissed his chin. "We can leave, and as long as I go—I can make sure Edward is happy. I want you both." I kissed his jaw this time. He let out a little moan, turning his head to the side. My lips descended down, kissing along his neck down to his collar bone. "I know you love me too. Don't lie..."
"Bella..." He chuckled, jerking his head away. "Stop."
"No." I said, latching on to him tightly. "Make love to me."
He groaned in frustration. "It was a mistake—I fucked up, too many times. What do you want? I'll give you anything to stop this."
I looked down, hating that. "Make love to me one last time, and then I'll stop. I'll even go live with my dad if that makes you happy, but I won't be too far. I'll be waiting." I rambled, not even sure what I was saying anymore. "Please..." My eyes focused on that delicious mouth of his.
"You smell like bong water." He laughed.
I frowned. "I'll go shower. Want to join me?"
He shook his head no. "You go shower and I'll meet you in your bedroom."
I squealed happily, loudly kissing his lips. "Okay." I kissed him again and this time he deepened it, swirling his tongue around mine, and holding me down so that I felt his erection.
He leaned his forehead to mine, grinning. "Now go clean that dirty cunt of yours."
"Okay..." I sighed, loving the word cunt falling from his lips. My lips pressed firmly to his again, as he lifted me up to plant me down on the table. He was on me quick, easing his way between my legs. My legs wrapped around his waist. "You're so sexy." I said.
He rubbed my thighs, making my skirt pool around my waist. "Who'd you fuck today?" He unfastened his pants, and I couldn't wait for it.
"No one." I grabbed for him, placing my lips back to his. He kissed me back and pulled out his cock.
"How did you get the weed?"
I shrugged, grinning up to him. "Edward. He gave me the money."
He nodded, stroking his length, and staring back at me. "We'll talk about that later, but right now I want you to suck my dick."
I gasped, nearly sliding off the fucking table, but settled for squirming and writhing against it. "Just put it on once." I pulled him to me. "So I can taste myself."
He let out a low growl, scraping his teeth along my neck while his hands grabbed for my underwear. He tore them off and threw them over his shoulder. I grabbed for his cock to place it at my entrance. "Fuck me, Carlisle..." I pleaded.
He entered me roughly, bucking his hips a few times into me, before he pushed my torso down. "Lie back." He instructed.
I moaned, doing as he asked me, and pushing my hips back to him.
"Just lay there and let me fuck you."
I groaned out again, feeling him lift my hips and continue to thrust into me hard—fast, so fucking fast, and it was like nothing I had ever known. My torso turned to the side, my pussy feeling too good, as I tried to grab for things—needlessly grab for anything to hold onto.
"Is this what you want?" He shouted, going faster.
"Harder..." I brought my leg up to rest it on his shoulder. He grabbed my leg and turned it over, as his other hand grasped me by my hair to turn my whole body around. His dick left me, and I didn't like it. "Fuck me." I begged again.
I heard his low chuckle, feeling his hands ghost along my ass. "I want to hear you beg for it." He slapped my ass, making me yelp. His hold tightened on my hair, making my torso rise. "Let me hear it." He hissed in my ear.
"Fuck me..." I whispered. "Please fuck me Carlisle."
He groaned, tossing me back down. "It's Dr. Cullen—" He slapped my ass again. "Say it."
I pushed my ass out further. "Dr. Cullen." I panted. "Let me feel that dick of yours, Dr. Cullen!" I turned to look at him and he steadied me, firmly making me face down.
"You can do better than that." He yanked on my hair, pissing me off. "Face down, ass up—that's all you're good for.."
I pushed back against him and he backed up a little, while I turned to face him. "Fuck me now." I said, my stomach tying in knots. I needed it, possibly more than I needed oxygen to breathe. I needed him to fuck me.
He grinned down at me, while his leg made a fast swoop to kick my legs out from under me. I was brought down to my knees.
"Oww..." Acute fear dashed through me again, feeling the pain he placed upon me.
"Put it in your mouth." He grabbed his dick and my head.
I swallowed, then opened my mouth wide to take him in. I took him back the deepest I could, using my hand to stroke the rest of him.
"That's it." He placed his hand on my head, pushing it down—a little too far down. I gagged, but forgot all about that. My tongue swirled, my mouth sucked, and my hand rubbed along his shaft. I love it when he takes control. I moaned onto his cock, wishing it was inside of me.
"You're so good at that." He became gentle again, brushing my hair away from my face. I stared up at him, falling in love all over again. His eyes were half hooded, filled with lust as he stared back. I had never seen anything as beautiful. I moaned once more, taking him deep again. Only to take him out to scrape my teeth against the head of his dick.
Suddenly, he let out a groan, grasping my shoulders. I thought he was coming, but he stood me up instead. "Now turn around and let me fuck you." He turned me, and I submitted to his control, planting my face against the cold wood of the kitchen table—waiting impatiently for him to fuck me.
"Now...please..." I moaned, sticking my ass out.
"Relax." He said, gently running his hand along my ass cheeks.
I began to sigh, feeling his soft lips as they began to kiss along my ass. Then I gasped, feeling his finger twirl around my clit. "So fucking wet..." He breathed.
I giggled. "I'm dripping and waiting..." I said so low, I barely heard me. Because I swore that I had died and gone to heaven, feeling him pleasure me with his long fingers. He stuck his fingers inside of me, making me cringe in on myself in surprise. It just felt too good.
"You are dripping." He withdrew his hand. I turned back to see him stand and grab his cock once again. I steadied myself, anticipating, and waiting—always waiting.
He entered me again. "Fuck." We both hissed collectively, as he started moving in and out of me.
He was going much slower than he was before. He was coming all the way out, just to thrust right back into me. It was rough—yet slow, and it was driving me crazy. This was his tease—this is how he fucks me, in more ways than one.
"Faster." I moaned, pushing back into him.
He pulled my hips back onto him rapidly, as guttural groans escaped his lips.
"Oh...Carlisle.." My eyes rolled back, feeling him bring me up, so that my back against his chest. He bit down onto my neck, picking up the pace a little, and that's all he had to do. My muscles stiffened, feeling euphoria spread throughout my body as I came, and milked his cock. "Hmm..." I became jello in his arms, but he wasn't finished.
"You like that baby?" He crooned, pushing my hair away from my face.
I bit my lip, nodding my head yes while he continued to fuck me. He didn't really care. He went right back to being rough and tossed me back down. He fucked me hard—very rough like last night, until he went the furthest he could inside of me, and lost his load.
" okay?" His body slumped, resting against my own, and I relished in feeling his fast breaths wash over me.
I grinned. "I'm perfect now."
He placed a soft kiss just under my ear, when we both stiffened, hearing a car door slam in the distance. "Edward." Carlisle whispered.
He left me, bending over to pick his pants back up and collect himself. I did the same, pretty much. All I had to do was bend over and grab my panties. I had just pulled them up when Edward came into the kitchen, and Carlisle ran out of the kitchen.
I smoothed down my skirt. "Hey." I said, my heart beating rapidly.
He knit his brows together. "Um..what were you doing?" He asked. "-and why did my dad just..." He pointed, and I realized you can't get anything past Edward—the perpetual people watcher.
"Where is your dad?" I turned around. "Maybe he's taking a nap?" I bent over to right a chair that was turned over. Damn.
"What happened to your knee?"
I looked down to see that I was actually bleeding and there was a bruise. Funny, it didn't hurt that bad. "I was trying to get the peanut butter and fell off the just missed it." I smiled, pointing up to the cupboard.
He smiled back. "My clumsy girl."
I shrugged. "" I was kind of at a loss.
"Did you get that pizza?" he asked. "I skipped lunch so we could eat" he looked down too.
I smiled widely. "My knee really hurts. I think I'm going to ice Why don't you go get us a pie?" I suggested.
He nodded. "We can have them deliver."
I scoffed. "That will take too long."
"We can both go get it—" I cut him off by placing my hand on his chest.
"I want pizza and I want it now." I said.
He nodded.
"My knee hurts and I want to rest. Go get us some fucking pizza." I rose to my toes to peck his lips. "I thought you loved me."
"I do." He said. "I'll be right back." He kissed me again, this time opening his mouth. Then he backed away from me, giving me an odd expression.
"What?" I asked.
He chuckled, shaking his head no. "Nothing. You just—you taste..." He stared down at me, and I was scared that he might actually see right through me.
"Edward?" Carlisle came into the kitchen. "Bella?" He looked to me. "What are you two doing home from school?" That fuck must be like Superman. He had his pajamas on now.
"What are you doing home?" Edward backed further away from me, frowning, and shaking his head.
"I'm not feeling very well." Carlisle lied. "Just woke up."
I turned back to Edward, and he still looked fucked up. "Edward, what's..." I started, my heart breaking.
"You fucked him." He whispered.
I looked down and back to Carlisle.
"You slept with her!" He shouted to his father.
"Edward, that's absurd." Carlisle shouted back.
"He made me do it." I blurted, looking back to Carlisle. His eyes widened and he shook his head no, but I didn't want to hurt Edward.
"Is that true?" He pulled on his own hair, and started to pace.
"No." I said, looking back to Carlisle. "I'm sorry."
Carlisle rolled his eyes. "You're so fucking stupid."
I shrugged. "What the fuck was I supposed to say?"
"I don't know." Carlisle shouted back.
Meanwhile, I stared at Edward. He looked so torn up, so sad, and I did that. "I'm sorry." I whispered.
He shook his head, grabbing for my arm. "Let's go..." He pulled me towards the door.
"Edward, relax..." Carlisle said. "What's gotten into you? This isn't like you."
"Fuck you." Edward said, focusing his icy glare on Carlisle, while he tried to push me out of the house.
"Carlisle...stop him...he's gone crazy." I tried to hold onto the door frame, as Edward pulled me out.
"Edward..." Carlisle grabbed his shoulder.
"Get off of me. You piece of shit." Edward scoffed at him. "I just want to talk to her."
Carlisle backed up a pace.
I tried to grab for him, and what surprised me the most was that Carlisle didn't look like he really gave a shit. "Carlisle, do something.." I groaned, although I doubt he heard me.
Edward continued to pull me out to his car, as Carlisle watched—digging his cell phone out of his pocket. Who the fuck was he calling? "Let go of me!" I kicked at Edward.
Edward laughed. "What the fuck?" He shoved me in his car.
He seemed to calm down some, so I just silently sat in the front seat, watching the rain hit the windshield.
He shook his head and closed the door. He ran to the driver's side and entered the car as well.
"Are you taking me for pizza?" I asked.
He didn't answer me, rapidly starting the car to back out of the driveway.
"No?" I asked.
He reached out and punched me square in my jaw.
"Fuck!" I cupped my face.
"I thought you loved me." He drove faster. He even went through a red light.
"I do..." I cried.
"No, you don't.." He said through clenched teeth.
I narrowed my eyes at him. Since when does Edward hit me? Since when is Edward mean to me? I fucking hated him. "No, I don't. I love your father. I fuck! Your father!" I shouted, only for him to grab my head and bash it into the dashboard.
"Fuck you!" I shouted. "Now take me back home."
He shook his head no, driving even faster. We were on the 101 now, driving along the coast. "I thought you were mine...I thought we could be together. I love you."
"You're a sick fuck, who watches're like obsessed with me." I shouted back.
"Because I—love—you!"
I slumped back into the seat, not knowing how to respond to that. "Where are we going?"
"Somewhere, where no one will find us...somewhere, where we can be together, forever." He reached out to place his hand on my knee.
"Where's that? Never-Never land?" I snorted. "Don't fucking touch me." I threw his hand off me.
Suddenly, he stopped short. We were parked right in front of a cliff, just where the La Push reservation starts. I stared out the window, watching the rain again, and hearing the thunder clash. "I'm sorry." I said again.
"Kiss me. Show me you love me." He said back.
I shook my head no. "This is all fucked. I'm sorry I hurt you...I'll go live with my dad." Even my love for Carlisle was starting to wane. I think maybe we need some time apart. I wasn't sure, but I wasn't about to live with Edward and Carlisle, not when there's all this tension.
"You're not leaving me." He said.
I groaned. "Edward, just take me back." I turned my body to face him. "You're good and I'm bad. You should be with someone like Angela."
He palmed his face, and I was able to see the tears trail down his cheeks.
"Edward..." I reached for him.
He breathed deeply through his nose and turned to face me. "I have loved you...for as long as I can remember." He said. "I finally have you, and then he has you." He sobbed.
"Edward," I placed my hand on his head. He grabbed my hand, placed it to his cheek, and then leaned over to kiss me deeply. I kissed him back, until we heard doors slam outside the car. We broke apart and Edward lowered his window for a police officer.
"Can I help you?" Edward asked, holding my hand tightly.
An officer that I did not recognize looked into the car. He gave me a nod. "We got a phone call—from Dr. Cullen. He said, drove off and were upset."
"We're fine." Edward said, squeezing my hand even tighter.
"We are." I confirmed. "Just talking." I gulped.
The officer nodded.
"If you're not here to give me a ticket, can you please excuse us?" Edward asked.
The officer nodded again, backing away to use his radio. "Jenny, this is Wilcox. I found the Cullen kid and he's just fine. Call Dr. Cullen and tell him to expect his son home soon." He looked back to Edward.
He nodded, agreeing with the officer.
"I expect you two to go straight home." He said, knocking on the roof of the car. Then he just walked away. I followed him with my eyes, watching him enter his car and drive off.
"Are you okay?" I reached for his face again.
"You're not leaving me." He whispered, pulling away. "We'll leave."
"Stop!" I shouted. "Take me home. We're done—this is too much." I said, scared shitless.
"You're my reason for living—"
"You need to get out more!" I shouted back.
He shook his head rapidly, refusing to hear me as he turned the stereo on full blast. "Don't say shit like that!" He beat the shit out of his steering wheel.
I cringed back. "Calm the fuck down!"
He seemed to. He sat back and sang along with the song.
I blew out a breath and did the same. I didn't sing along, I just waited for him to calm the hell down. What the fuck is wrong with him? Is he serious with this shit? I've never seen him this angry, ever.
I turned to stare out the window, as we both listened to the music.
So I say goodbye to a town that has ears to die
I can hear you whispering as I walk by
Familiar faces smiling back at me and I knew
This would make them change
The only thing that's going to bother me
Is that you'll all call yourselves my friends
Why can't you look me in the eyes one last time?
The writings on the wall, you've read that I'll be gone, but if you call my name
Just know that I'll come running, for one more night to spare with you
This is where I'm meant to be, please don't leave me
I've read these stories a thousand times, and now I'll rewrite them all
You're meddling in an anger you can't control
She means the world to me, so hold your serpent tongue
Is a whores lies worth dying for? I'll just take my time
He nodded. "You think he loves you?"
"I know he loves me." I whispered back.
"He calls you a whore, tells me to stay away from you. But...I can't. Bella, I love you. He's only using you."
I shook my head. "Did you ever think that maybe I'm just his whore?" He reached out and punched me again. "Fuck. Edward..." I began to punch him back. My fists landed every where, and he didn't even try to stop me. He let me hit him. "I hate you!"
He nodded again, refusing to look at me. "You never loved me?"
"We were never anything." I said. "My God..." I grabbed for the door handle. "I'll just walk back. I can't believe you..." I held my face with my free hand.
He grabbed me back. "You, aren't going anywhere." He said.
I groaned. "Edward, you're fucking crazy. Just take me back home. God...I fucking hate you!" I punched his shoulder. "Please just take me home. I won't tell anyone you hit me. Please." I cried.
He nodded. "Home." He put the car in gear. "Where we can be together forever." He backed away, while I closed my eyes. How did everything get so fucked up?
He stopped the car again, putting it in drive. "I love you." He grabbed my hand, stepped on the gas, and suddenly we were driving off the fucking cliff.

The End...?
I'm aware that this sucks...
Sorry...(shrugs) This is just how it played out in my head. Don't say I didn't warn you guys...So, go easy on me? Thanks.
Alas, this was not beta'd, and I did kill Edward and Bella...I expect flames, but I had to finish this. I had to write this out. I apologize again.
"You should have killed me when you had the chance," by A Day to Remember

The End.

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